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Duna Verde di Caorle

Duna Verde is located between Caorle and Venice and is an oasis overlooking the Adriatic Sea surrounded by greenery and is a favorite destination for tourists love nature and relax

Here you can breathe the scent of pines and the saltiness.

There are still a small part of the ancient dunes and pine forest, characteristics of the Northern Adriatic Coast, formed overb the centuries as a security barrier between the waves of the sea and land.

Here you will find pine, white poplar, tamarisk and hop plants as well as wildlife species of special interest such as jays, buzzards, hawks, owls, blackbirds and woodpeckers. You will see wild hares and squirrels darting between the hedges.


Duna Verde di Caorle: a few steps from Caorle

The architecture of Duna Verde stands out for its beautiful resorts in Venetian style or styles of the Venetian lagoon, or "invented" by famous architects who have made Duna Verde a unique tourist resort Villas and apartments with swimming pool and tennis court, surrounded by greenery, ideal for families and for those who like to spend their vacation in a relaxing and sporty environment, outside of the usual seaside holiday.


Duna Verde di Caorle: professional real estate agency at your disposal

Our agency was founded in 1980. Our friendly team specializing in tourism and multi-lingual staff, will be of help for any need during your stay. Our company offers a professional and courteous service for rental, sale of villas and apartments and complete assistance during your holidays. We have a wide range of offers: from one-roomed apartment for two people, to villas for a large family, furnished and equipped to satisfy all needs and perfect for those who enjoy spending their holiday in freedom.


Duna Verde di Caorle: golden beach and pleasant temperature

The beach near the pine wood and the tamarisks slopes gently down towards the sea.

The beautiful sand of Duna Verde, the purity of its air rich in iodine, increases the benefits of a seaside holiday. The beach is divided into private beach with bar/kiosks and free beach. During the hot season, the temperature can reach up to 34 C° but usually they range from 18 - 20 during the night to 27-28 degrees during the day with an enjoyable and pleasant breeze.


Duna Verde di Caorle: shopping and night life

The center is easily reachable in just a few steps and it presents an excellent business offer: all kinds of shops, restaurants, wine bars, pizzerias and ice cream.

In the evening soccer tournaments, live music, theater and outdoor cinema. The seasonal weekly market or the street foods and natural body care products markets take place in the center of Duna.

A few kilometers McArthurGlen Outlet offers the most prestigious names in Italian fashion such as Prada, Versace and many more.


Duna Verde di Caorle: Sport

There are plenty of opportunities for those who love sports activities:

The golf course to 18 holes of Pra Delle Torri is located within walking distance. The water sports center "Georgio's" offers windsurfing, parasailing and other entertainments; swimming lessons by Palm Beach. Sailing schools for adults and children, deep sea fishing, boat rental with or without skipper, walks in the woods, jogging and more than 20 miles of bike paths and then beach volleyball, soccer, diving, water skiing, canoeing, Venetian school rowing and many other water sports.

The Municipality of Caorle is equipped with a sports arena, stadium, soccer field and athletic tracks, skating rink, multi-purpose sports field (soccer and basketball) are available on request. Free swimming or swimming lessons at the nearby swimming pool.


Duna Verde di Caorle: Pet friendly

You can spend your holidays in our apartments with your dog or your cat, they are welcome.


Duna Verde di Caorle: Hystory and tradition

Duna Verde is located in an area over which passed through the ancient Venetians, Romans, the Republic of Venice. Not far away you have Venice, Altino and Concordia Sagittaria, Portogruaro, the medieval town of Treviso and Verona, the romantic town of Romeo and Juliet.

Caorle is a beautiful seaside town, an ancient Roman harbor and a rich commercial center during the period of "Venice the Serenissima". Around the Cathedral and the bell-tower (eleventh century), unique architectural gems, develops a labyrinth of streets and small squares and the fishing village with its colorful Venetian-style houses.


Duna Verde di Caorle: the lagoon “Valle Vecchia” and the Casons

It is very pleasant to visit the lagoon stretching for thousands of hectares of reed thickets and expanses of water, a very memorable and beautiful landscapes. Here there are the “ Casons”, a typical hut of the fishermen in the lagoon of Caorle still used by them. They are built of fen reed. You can still see many in the various zones of the lagoon, often isolated, this for a better control of the lagoon environment, where the fishing took place. The first news of the presence of this structure dates back to the second century A.D. Today it is still possible to visit some of these huts, which have the same structure and many things of the past.

“Valle Vecchia” of Caorle is a site of great ecological interest, enriched by a vast pine forest with a complex system of dunes and wetlands. It is a very important habitat for many plant and animal species. The Lagoon of Caorle and the center of San Gaetano gave the cue to Hemingway for some unforgettable pages of the book "Across the River and Into the Trees." It can be visited along the cycle tracks or by boat and guided tours.


Duna Verde di Caorle: Porto Santa Margherita

During the summer Duna Verde is connected with Porto Santa Margherita, Caorle and Venice by a regular bus service.


Duna Verde di Caorle: Gastronomy

Veneto is one of the most rich regions under the gastronomic point of view. The Venetian cuisine is a cuisine of tradition but also loves to present itself with inventive dishes. Every day the fishing fleet of Caorle draws the delicious fish of the Northern Adriatic Sea. It is served immediately in the famous local restaurants or sold per retail sale.

Very famous in Duna Verde is “fried fish” take away by Roberto

Read the recipes we suggest and remember that a good dish of fish must be very fresh as it is the fish of Caorle: in twelve hours from the sea... on the plate.

Do not forget the traditional dishes of our country which combined with those of the sea make our gastronomy really excellent.


Duna Verde di Caorle: gastronomic Tours

By car/ bicycle Azienda Agricola La Fagiana: Carnaroli rice, corn flour for polenta – traditional dish - and fruit – NOCETO "Lara Nuts"

Cellar Ca' Corniani wines

By car: Grappa Castagner guided tour(50 km) - the hills of Prosecco of Vadobbiadene (100 km)

Raboso wine area(50-60 km) .... and many others

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